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Square One Organic Vodka

Square One
Organic Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

It's one thing to be concerned about the environment, it's quite another to create a line of ultra-classy spirits with light carbon footprints and world-class reputations for quality and taste. Here the eco-thumbs up goes out to Allison Evanow, founder of Square One Organic Vodka. She's defied the odds not once but three times by launching earth-friendly products that have gone on to successfully capture the imagination of mixologists and spirit enthusiasts on several continents.

Introduced in 2006, Square One Organic Vodka is handcrafted in limited production at the Distilled Resources facilities in Rigby, Idaho using 100%-certified organically grown rye from Montana. The water used is drawn from a 200-foot deep aquifer of the Teton Mountains in Wyoming. The grain is fermented organically using only natural yeast. Afterwards the fermented mash is passed only once through the distillery’s four-column still and lightly filtered through micro-paper to best preserve the spirit’s flavor profile.

Square One Organic Vodka is deserving of its critical acclaim. The artisanal, single grain spirit has pristine clarity, a lightweight oily textured body and a brilliant bouquet comprised of grainy, spicy and floral aromas. It alone is worth the price of admission. The entry is warm and zesty and bathes the palate with slightly sweet, fruity and nutty flavors. The medium length finish is dry, tart and satisfying.

Square One Cucumber Vodka is produced by infusing the award-winning American rye vodka with the essence of certified organic cucumbers. It too is crystal clear, sediment-free with a viscous, medium-weight body and a generous, fresh cucumber aroma. The vodka has a delicate vegetal, cucumber flavor that thankfully lingers on the palate remarkably long. It's an 80-proof masterpiece ideally suited for contemporary drink making.

The company's latest, environmentally friendly achievement is Square One Botanical. Rest assured you haven't tasted a gin or vodka like it. In this case the original rye vodka is infused with 8 individually distilled botanicals, an unconventional recipe that includes pears, rose petals, chamomile, lavender and lemon verbena. Unlike gin brands that accentuate one aromatic—juniper—Botanical is balanced with surgical precision. Its light pear and floral notes are followed seamlessly by the lingering flavors of chamomile, citrus and dried herbs. Here's a spirit that deserves to be sipped dressed in nothing but a slight chill.

Square One Vodkas are eco-conscious products. The bottles are made of clear glass—frosted glass requires the use of highly toxic chemicals—while the labels are printed on paper made from renewable bamboo, bagasse and cotton fiber. Even the by-products of distillation are rich in protein and used to feed cattle.

Being good to Planet Earth has never been so pleasurable. Kudos Square One.