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Stolen Overproof Rum

Stolen Overproof


By Robert Plotkin

If you can't have fun making drinks with Stolen Overproof Rum, call a media and check your pulse. Perhaps you're already dead and no one told you.

While most flavored rums are infused with fruit of one variety or another, handcrafted Stolen Smoked Overproof Rum is infused with the flavors of coffee and tobacco, making it the world's first smoked rum. The innovative brand hails from Jamaica and is made with hand-harvested, estate-grown sugar cane. The limestone filtered spring water used in fermentation is sourced from the neighboring Blue Mountains. After the cane has been rendered into molasses, it is transferred to large cedar wood fermentation tanks. It is slowly fermented over the course of 7 days using a proprietary strain of yeast.

Afterwards, the rum is passed through the distillery's array of three different copper pot still; a Vendome pot still from Kentucky, two Forsythe still made in Scotland and a South African still made by T&T engineering. Each design produces a singular type of distillate.

Once the rum exits the still it is transferred to charred, American white oak barrels for a minimum of 6 years and barreled at a lip-tingling 123 proof.
There are two principal explanations for this limited edition's tsunami-sized flavor profile. Like sour mash whiskeys, a small portion of the previous fermentation is added to the wash about to be distilled. In this case, a small amount of spent sugar cane and high-grade molasses from the previously fermented batch are added to fermented wash being distilled. This process increases the amount of flavor-rich esters in the finished rum. Also, by their very nature, overproof spirits are inherently more flavorful because less water is used to render the rum to its bottling proof.

Be prepared to be thoroughly impressed. The dark bronze Stolen Overproof has a satiny textured body and an enticing bouquet of tropical fruit, red cherries, bananas, black pepper, flora and baking spices. Be patient because this Jamaican gem needs a few extra minutes for its bouquet to fully up. The additional time invested will be richly rewarded.

As to be expected, the entry is quite warm and spicy. By mid-palate the rum's flavor package comes into play with cresting waves of ripe bananas, black pepper, vanilla, caramel and warming cinnamon. The finish is marvelously aromatic and full flavored.

Today's consumers are looking for more flavor and artisanal character out of their spirits, which plays right into Overproof's strengths. Consider its use when making drinks that could benefit from a more lavish flavor component and a little more "bump" from the rum.

The Stolen Rum brand was created in 2010 by two rum-loving friends living in Auckland, New Zealand. They walked away from their corporate lives and began their rum careers in earnest. "We first launched Stolen Smoked Rum, the world's first smoked rum," says Jamie Duff, CEO and co-brand owner. "Stolen has fostered a cult following of consumers and bartenders from Auckland to Austin. Staying true to our craft, Stolen unearths unique spirits of uncompromising quality that break with convention."

Stolen Smoked and Stolen Overproof Rums are not only breaking with convention, they're shattering it with every new release. Cheers!


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