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Sugar Island Spiced Rum

Sugar Island Spiced


By Robert Plotkin

Spiced rums are dynamic and diverse spirits brimming with engaging flavors and captivating bouquets. They're also tremendously mixable, an irresistible quality to spirits enthusiasts and drink aficionados. Their approachable taste profiles mean that there's no learning curve necessary to enjoy a beautiful spirit like Sugar Island Spiced Rum.

This delectable rum is made by the California-based Sugar Island Rum Company. The company procures its sugar cane from various Caribbean distillers, who blend the rum for consistency between batches. The resulting high-proof spirit is then transferred to California, where a proprietary mix of spices are added and the rum is rendered to 46% alcohol (92 proof) for bottling.

Those searching for a rum with more flavor and pizzazz will be certainly impressed. Sugar Island Spiced Rum has a deep reddish/amber hue, a medium-weight, satiny textured body and a warm, wafting bouquet of vanilla, sweet caramel and baking spices. The rum immediately fills the mouth with an enticing array of flavors, a layered affair of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, caramel and clove. Fortunately the flavors of the rum lingers on the palate for a considerably long time.

Many people assess the character of a spiced rum by how well it mixes with cola. Really? How are you going to discern what a rum tastes like with all that mixer doused on top? No, the best way to go about it is to pour some spiced rum into an empty glass and let your senses choose which will be better when mixed. If it tastes great alone in a glass, it has got to be marvelous when mixed. That's how you pick a contender and that's exactly how you should first experience Sugar Island Spiced Rum.