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Swan's Neck Vodka

Swan's Neck Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

Swan's Neck Vodka reaffirms that the French are unsurpassed when it comes to all things beverage. After your first sip you'll realize the vodka could only have been made in the wine country of France. It's a classy grape distillate brimming with character. In fact, it should immediately be administered to anyone claiming vodkas are austere and lifeless.

Part of the intrigue behind this limited release vodka lies in knowing how it's made. First, the master distiller assembles the proprietary blend of grapes, which are subsequently made into wine. The second phase involves taking the wine and distilling it five times in a column still. The resulting distillate is then double-distilled in a traditional, copper alembic still and bottled at 40% alcohol.

Laborious as the process is, the finished vodka confirms the effort was well worth it. Swan's Neck is perfectly clear and has a full, velvety textured body and an alluring bouquet of fresh fruit, grapes and light floral aromas. As enticing as the aromatics are, its palate is even more sublime. The vodka is graced with a broad array of spicy, herbaceous and fruity flavors that persist well into the lingering, spicy warm finish. Few vodkas are as lovely.

You owe it to yourself to taste ultra-suave Swan's Neck neat and at room temperature. "The spirit does not have the mouth-burn nor alcohol vapor nose of regular vodkas," observes David Laverne, president of L&P Spirits Imports. "Swan's Neck is soft, fat, viscous on the palate with a lightly sweet, grape, winy finish. The elegant packaging and evocative name, referring to the curved copper piping on the alembic still, perfectly showcase the remarkable spirit inside."

À votre santé!