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Taildragger Amber Rum

Taildragger Amber


By Robert Plotkin

Toby Beall is a corporate pilot who developed an appreciation for fine rum on his many trips throughout the Caribbean and Central and South America. After visiting the great rum capitols of the world, Beall made the decision to take matters into his own hands and commit to making world-class rum in the American heartland.

Along with his brother Jamey, Beall began crafting small batch Taildragger Rum at the Tailwinds Distillery in Plainfield, IL, which is located 30 minutes from downtown Chicago. The brothers Beall make their award-winning rum from high-grade cane juice molasses sourced from sugar cane fields of Louisiana. The freshly pressed juice is allowed to slowly ferment before being distilled in a traditional pot still. The Taildragger rums are left unfiltered to better preserve the spirits' tremendous range of flavors. They are bottled at 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof).

The elder statesman of the range is Taildragger Amber Rum, which is matured a minimum of 6 months in charred American white oak barrels used previously to age rye whiskey. The golden hued rum has a satiny, medium-weight body and a glorious bouquet brimming with the aromas of black cherries, red plums, vanilla, caramel and fresh fruit. Its aromatic array alone makes it deserving of critical acclaim. The palate is skillfully balanced and laced with spicy and fruity flavors. The rum finishes long and spicy warm, similar in character to rye whiskey.

This amber gem is both reasonably priced and loaded with character, two benefits when it comes to drink making. Indeed Taildragger Amber is tailor-made for use in cocktails and tall drinks. But before you start mixing drinks with this rum, do yourself a favor and taste Taildragger Amber neat. Guaranteed you'll be glad you did. After it's allowed to breath a few minutes, the rum fully develops its charm and outgoing personality.

Fans of silver rums will appreciate being introduced to Taildragger White Rum, which is bottled unfiltered fresh off the still. The crystal clear spirit has a silky, lightweight body and a grassy, herbaceous nose. The rum has a gentle entry and a dry, fruit and spice set of flavors. It is characteristically similar to the agricole rhums made on the French islands of the Caribbean. The finish is long, slightly fruity and supremely satisfying. Kudos!

Taildragger—American rums made with American know-how. We predict clear skies aloft.