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Tarantula Azul

Tarantula Azul


By Robert Plotkin

Considering the hectic lives we all lead, a little help now and again would be a welcome relief. For example, there are those days when there's just not enough time to prepare a fabulous tasting Blue Margarita. In the past, the only option would have been to go without or hastily throw something together. Those dark days are over, thanks to the introduction of Tarantula Azul.

This delicious and innovative product is made in America from a blend of premium blanco tequilas and all natural citrus liqueur. Its signature Pacific blue appearance is obtained by adding certified coloring. It's an engaging effect.

Tarantula Azul has a round, medium-weight body and a floral, citrusy bouquet. Its initial entry is soft and quite mild, while gradually the palate opens to reveal a dry, somewhat tart set of spice and fresh citrus flavors. The tequila doesn't overstay its welcome, finishing clean and crisp. From start to finish Tarantula Azul drinks fresh and lively like a well-crafted cocktail.

Here's a brand that was obviously bred with sheer enjoyment in mind. Poured over ice, one could easily mistake this sleek tequila for a skillfully crafted cocktail. Its taste and appearance are so well conceived that they appeal to the senses as a complete thought. Indeed, add a spot of lime juice and you have a Blue Margarita or a Kamikaze Azul. It has wonderful applications behind anyone's bar.