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Tavi Tequila Platinum 100% Agave Azul

Tavi Tequila Platinum
100% Agave Azul


By Robert Plotkin

It's actually a simple proposition. Distillers who handcraft their tequilas using traditional techniques produce more flavorful and higher quality spirits. Such is the case with ultra-premium Tavi Tequila. All three expressions are unqualified artisanal gems. A quick sniff, sip and swallow and you'll be a lifelong fan.

These classy spirits are handcrafted at one of the highest distilleries in the world, Premium de Jalisco [NOM 1559]. Located around 7,000 feet above sea level, the purity of the air, cool temperatures and soil composition all factor into the impeccable quality of the mature agaves used in its production. The agaves are hand selected and carefully harvested in such a way as to eliminate all of the plant's waxy greenery, which will impart bitterness to the finished tequila.

Once at the distillery, the agaves are slowly cooked for more than 4 days in clay ovens. Their sugar-rich juice is expressed and then allowed to ferment precipitated by naturally occurring, airborne yeast. During fermentation, Baroque music is played over loudspeakers. Dubbed the "Mozart method," it's thought the soothing strains of the classical music have a positive affect on the yeast as it ferments.

"We ensure every step of production is slow and gentle," notes brand owner Tavi Eggertson. "It's a labor- intensive process, but one that yields the finest tequila possible."

The Tavi Tequila Platinum 100% Agave Azul is an excellent example of why sipping unaged tequila is skyrocketing in popularity. Frankly, its lush body and brilliant aromatic signature alone make it well worth the price of admission.

Tavi Platinum is a sophisticated spirit bottled directly from the still—unadulterated by the effects of barrel aging and in full possession of its intrinsic character. The silver tequila has pristine clarity, a full, curvaceous body and a generous bouquet saturated the aromas of tropical fruit, black pepper, anise and flora. The longer you let the tequila breathe, the more of its aromatics will come to the forefront. It quickly expands in the mouth, bathing the palate with vibrant spicy, peppery flavors. The absence of esophageal heat will have you checking the label for alcohol content. The fade is long and satisfying.

Do yourself a favor and taste this extraordinary tequila neat and at room temperature. Be patient and let the tequila fully open up before sampling. The odds are that you won't be mixing it in a craft cocktail anytime soon.

The Tavi Reposado illustrates the charm of imbuing the tequila with a touch of wood to the finished tequila. After spending 7 months in charred, American white oak barrels, the reposado develops an alluring reddish/amber hue, a silky smooth, medium-weight body and a bouquet brimming with the authentic aromas of caramel, toffee, vanilla, mocha, anise and notes of toasted oak. Its soft, gentle entry fills the mouth with a generous helping of semisweet vanilla, fruit and spice flavors. Fortunately the flavors persist on the palate for an impressively long time. This is a top-notch tequila.

The Tavi Añejo is barrel aged for a full 17 months. The extended time in wood creates a tequila with a velvety texture and a fruit and black pepper bouquet. The aromatics translate perfectly onto the palate with added notes of spice and red fruit. Its finish is quite long and silky smooth.

Tavi Tequila is deserving of the critical acclaim it's attracting. Kudos!