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Tequila Corazon Blanco

Tequila Corazón de
Agave Blanco


By Robert Plotkin

It's most appropriate that Corazón comes packaged in a beautiful bottle, that's because the tequila is made in an exceptionally beautiful place in the Los Altos Mountains. Casa San Matías is an estate distillery situated on the red volcanic soil of the Highlands of Tepatitlán, and for more than a century, it has earned renown for handcrafting exquisite artisanal tequilas. While their portfolio is replete with world-class brands, none shine brighter than Tequila Corazón de Agave.

The range of sophisticated 100% agave tequilas is made from estate-grown agaves using an innovative blend of traditional distilling methods with a few innovative twists. After harvesting, the agave piñas are slowly baked in stone ovens, fermented and double-distilled in the estate's stainless steel stills. A significant point of distinction is that Casa San Matías uses only pure mineral water sourced from nearby springs in its tequila. The result is tequila worthy of its critical acclaim.

When making the Tequila Corazón de Agave Blanco, oxygen is injected into the tequila near the end of the second distillation, a technique responsible for its soft, velvety textured body. After the tequila is drawn from the still, it's rested 24 hours before being bottled at 80 proof.

Corazón Blanco well illustrates why aficionados prefer blanco tequilas. It's fresh, exuberant and unfettered by the effects of barrel aging. The tequila is crystal clear and has a generous fruit and floral bouquet. The initial entry is soft and demure, but then the palate quickly expands filling the mouth with the dry spicy flavors of herbs and black pepper. The thoroughly satisfying finish is quite long and features notes of fruit and spice.

Tequila Corazón de Agave Reposado is an equally enjoyable spirit. It's matured in ex-bourbon barrels for up to a year, which is a sufficient amount of time to mellow the tequila's character while leaving the inherent character of the agave unaffected by the tannins in the wood. The reposado receives a pulse of oxygen once it leaves the barrel, which endows it with a lush medium-weight body. It addition to its curvaceous figure, the pale amber spirit has a generous vanilla, fruit and floral bouquet. The mouth filling palate offers up the flavors of caramel, baking spices and toasted oak, all of which persist long into the warm spicy finish. It's a reposado loaded with finesse and lip-tingling charm.

Tequila Corazón de Agave Añejo is aged in ex-bourbon barrels for a minimum of 2 years and oxygenated prior to bottling. It has a deep amber hue and an engaging floral and fruit bouquet. The palate is brimming with caramel, spice, pepper and oaky vanilla and the finish is like a pleasant dream. It's tailor-made for those looking for an elegant tequila to savor in a snifter.

All three expressions of Tequila Corazón are Highland gems well worth experiencing. Salud!