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Tequila Corralejo Blanco 100% de Agave

Tequila Corralejo Blanco
100% de Agave


By Robert Plotkin

When it comes to tequila, few things matter more than pedigree and lineage. Founded in 1775 outside of Guadalajara in the town of Pénjamo, Hacienda Corralejo is among the oldest and most established makers of tequila. The Hacienda is also famous as the birthplace of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the father of Mexican Independence. Those looking for a tequila brimming with character and authenticity need look no further than Tequila Corralejo.

Hacienda Corralejo (NOM 1368) makes tequila using only traditional production techniques. After the mature agaves are harvested, they are brought to the distillery where they are cooked in old-fashioned stone clay ovens for no less than 27 hours. The baked agaves are then milled to extract their juice and transferred to fermentation tanks where it is allowed to slowly ferment over the course of several days. Some of the fermented juice—referred to as mosto—is distilled twice in copper alembic stills using the same method perfected by the French to distill cognac. The remaining mosto is continuous distilled in column still. The two tequilas are blended together prior to being bottled at 40% alcohol (80 proof).

No expression better illustrates the brand's artistry and craftsmanship than Tequila Corralejo Blanco 100% de Agave. Bottled fresh from the still, it is not subjected to barrel aging. Free of the obscuring effects of oak maturation, the bronco is an ideal representation of master distiller Don Leonardo's and the hacienda's exceptional capabilities. The tequila is crystal clear with a silky lightweight body and an enticing white pepper, citrus and floral bouquet. Its wafting aromatics alone qualify it as world-class. The tequila raises little heat as it bathes the palate with an array of spicy, citric and herbaceous flavors, all of which persist well into the lingering finish. Corralejo Blanco is a captivating sipper.

Tequila Corralejo Reposado is barrel-aged for a minimum of four months in French, American and Encino oak. It's a complex tequila with tremendous depth. During its stay in wood, the spirit develops an amber/golden hue, a satiny lightweight body and a generous nose laced with vanilla, citrus, and peppery notes. Its broad palate features the flavors of honey, white pepper, lemon zest, caramel and toasted oak. The finish is long and spicy warm.

The elder statesman of the range is Tequila Corralejo Añejo, a noble tequila is matured for a minimum of a year in charred, American white oak barrels. The tequila has a rich golden hue, a velvety, medium-weight body and the delectable aromas of vanilla, baking spices, dark chocolate and toasted oak. Its palate is a layered affair of toffee, vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, clove and light fruity flavors. The añejo should be allowed to breathe for several minutes before tasting. This will allow its character to fully develop. Your patience will be rewarded tenfold.