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Tequila Rose

Tequila Rose
Cream Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

One of the keys to success in the on-premise business is to attract crowds of women through the front door. As we all know, men want to frequent places where large numbers of women are. It's a timeless marketing proposition. Capitalizing on this strategy necessitates stocking products geared especially to women. Since 1994, the product permanently entrenched at the top of that list is Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Liqueur, an attractive and thoroughly delicious cream liqueur. Guaranteed there is nothing remotely like it on the market.

Tequila Rose Liqueur is made in Weston, Missouri from a blend of cream, premium tequila and natural strawberry flavorings. To call marrying these flavors together innovative would be an understatement. But as a generation of devotees will attest, the flavor combination works exceedingly well. In fact, Tequila Rose is the bestselling strawberry cream liqueur in the world.

It's easy to see why Tequila Rose has become a classic, “must have” product. The cream liqueur has a pastel pink hue and a satiny, medium-weight body. The lavish bouquet is that of strawberries and cream, which also best describes the palate. To fully appreciate how its flavors fully integrate, Tequila Rose should be sampled chilled, either straight up or on the rocks.

The award-winning liqueur may be at its best when playing a featured role in a cocktail or mixed libation. Tequila Rose is great when paired with a fruit flavored liqueur, or blended with ice cream and presented as a liquid dessert. It also works beautifully mixed with coffee and hot chocolate. If you can't have fun with Tequila Rose, maybe you're no longer breathing.

Equally engaging is Tequila Rose Cocoa Cream Liqueur, which is devised with chocolate and strawberry flavoring, tequila and cream. It has a light beige color and a milk chocolate and strawberry nose. The liqueur has a well-integrated set of flavors with the taste of the cocoa narrowly in the lead. The finish is long and flavorful.

The Tequila Rose story is an easy one to tell. It came, it saw, it conquered. Since it hit the popular scene nearly two decades ago, the brand hasn't looked back.