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Tippy Cow Orange Cream Rum Cream

Tippy Cow Vanilla
Soft Serve Rum Cream


By Robert Plotkin

If you can't have fun behind a bar with Tippy Cow Rum Creams, check your pulse and call a medic. These flavorful cream liqueurs are terrific and feature flavors long popular with generations of Americans. They are spot-on recreations of treats from our collective past. For example, the Tippy Cow Orange Cream is an irresistible version of the Dreamsickle, the classic vanilla ice cream and orange Popsicle goody from our youth. All that's missing is the ice cream truck's clanging bell.

These all-American taste experiences are made with real diary cream from Wisconsin and imported Caribbean rum. The bottles are even shaped like old-fashioned milk bottles. That said, the appeal of Tippy Cow Rum Creams run far deeper than just nostalgia; to the contrary, their allure is quite contemporary and in-step with current tastes. Just open one up and watch the crowd they attract.

Tippy Cow Chocolate is a dead ringer for a chocolate malt, the kind popularly served at lunch counters and hamburger stands. It has the same rich chocolate taste and identical semisweet malt finish. Tippy Cow Shamrock Mint is a pale green cream liqueur laced with mint and light chocolate.

The fourth flavor in the foursome is Tippy Cow Soft Serve, which tastes exactly like it was dispensed into a cone at your neighborhood ice shop. Even in a deep sleep you'd know its taste and aroma were that of freshly dispensed vanilla ice cream. All are bottled at 14% alcohol (28 proof).

The Tippy Cow Rum Cream family is marvelous served chilled or over ice. They work beautifully with other liqueurs, such as Kahlúa, Amaretto, Godiva Chocolate or Chambord, and are excellent mixed into coffee or hot chocolate. Another inspired way to use the Tippy Cow Rum Creams behind the bar is to blend them with ice cream and serve them as a frozen specialty drink.

These liqueurs are hot commodities not only because they're delicious, but they also harken back to simpler times, when life was just a bit less frenetic and taste experiences were more memorable. Expect Tippy Cow Rum Creams to have a long successful run.