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Titanium tequila

Titanium Tequila


By Robert Plotkin

Blanco tequilas are the surest measure of a distiller's skill and artistry. Admittedly barrel-aged expressions are in their own right things of beauty, spending months or years in toasted oak barrels can mask imperfections like off-flavors and off-aromas in spirits. Not so with unaged blanco tequilas. These transparent gems greet the world exactly as they came out of the still—clear, vibrant and unadulterated. At the same time, blanco tequilas best showcase the character of the agave, which for enthusiasts is fundamentally important.

One of the most delectable blanco tequilas to enter the marketplace is Titanium 100% Agave Tequila Blanco. Titanium is made in Tepatitlán by Compañia Tequilera Hacienda La Capilla [NOM 1479]. The distillery utilizes both traditional and modern production methods. Its agaves are steamed in stainless steel autoclaves, while the fermented wash, referred to as mosto, is twice distilled in a copper pot still.

This unaged marvel is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. The super-premium blanco is crystal clear with a lightweight, silky body and bouquet of tropical fruit and peppery spice. The tequila never gets close to being hot on the palate, a reliable indicator of craftsmanship. Titanium is a stellar brand to sip neat or with a few cubes of ice. Priced in the low to mid-$30s, it is also an informed choice to feature in a tequila-based cocktail or mixed drink.

"Our small batch tequila is made from finest agave cultivated on land free of pesticides and other outside influences. We believe our agaves are the finest you can grow both in terms of flavor and quality," says Casey Hartle, CEO of importer Premium Spirits LLC. "Equally important, we do not over distill our tequila. Over distilling the spirit is an excellent way to strip it of its natural agave flavor. We want you to taste the agave and appreciate that you’re drinking tequila. Titanium bathes the palate with the most wonderful agave flavors."

Great taste at a reasonable price—how can you go wrong?