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Travis Hasse's Apple Pie Liqueur

Travis Hasse's Original
Apple Pie Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

On rare occasion a new product comes along so unconventional and sporting so many creative ways to entice the public that backbar success seems a foregone conclusion. Welcome Travis Hasse's Original Apple Pie Liqueur, an all-American product launched in September 2008 that's as appealing as a neighborhood bakery and as irresistible as the last slice of pizza.

Travis Hasse's Apple Pie Liqueur hails from the small town of Springfield, Wisconsin just outside Madison and is made according to an old family recipe created by Travis' father, Gene. It's crafted in nearby Temperance, Michigan using several varieties of apples, cinnamon, baking spices and premium neutral spirits distilled from locally sourced grain. The liqueur is bottled unfiltered and at a reasonable 40-proof.

Travis and his wife Cindy run Springfield's Missouri Tavern, a historic landmark built in 1940, where the Apple Pie Liqueur has been a long-time specialty of the house. A quick sip makes it easy to understand why Travis decided to share it with the rest of us. The liqueur has the golden color of honey and the look of freshly pressed cider. It's generously aromatic and smells like an apple pie right out of the oven. Sampled neat the liqueur is moderately tangy and sweet with the long-lasting flavors of baked apples, cinnamon and nutmeg.

The Wisconsin-born brand now also includes Travis Hasse's Original Cherry Pie Liqueur. It's an equally tempting liqueur made from maraschino cherries and vanilla. Bottled at 30-proof, the liqueur has a brilliant, true-to-fruit color and a generous cherry aroma. It has the authentic, sweet/tart flavor of homemade cheery pie filling down to the hint of vanilla on the finish.

Nestled 25 miles from the Missouri Tavern in the glacial hills of South Central Wisconsin farm country is the Baraboo Candy Company, one of Wisconsin's most historic brands. Baraboo Candy has been producing chocolate goodness since 1981 and is recognized world-wide as home of Homer Holstein's Original Cow Pie Chocolate, a heavenly blend of chocolate, vanilla, caramel. One day it occurred to Hasse that those same ingredients would make an equally sensational liqueur.

Welcome Travis Hasse's Original Cow Pie Liqueur. It is a 30-proof slice of heaven that smells and tastes identical to the confectionary marvel produced by the Baraboo Candy Company.

That all three of these liqueurs are fabulous used in cocktails, hot tea, coffee or mixed with ice cream, sorbet or sour mix hard merits mentioning.

With three sterling products to his credit, Travis Hasse has done the family name proud.