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Triple Eight Vodka

Triple Eight Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

The island of Nantucket is a small slice of heaven situated 30 miles south of Cape Cod off the coast of Massachusetts. Rising a mere 100 feet above the North Atlantic and occupying less than 50 square miles in area, the island is a natural marvel and one of America's most frequently visited destinations. Nantucket is also the home of micro-distilled Triple Eight Vodka.

Introduced in the spring of 2001, this small batch gem is handcrafted at the Triple Eight Distillery, the facilities of which once housed the Cisco Brewery. The super-premium vodka is triple-distilled in a pot still using organic corn imported from Holland and ultra-pure, sand-filtered water from an aquifer deep beneath the island. The water, which contributes significantly to the spirit's singular character, is drawn from a well designated #888.

Aficionados of fine vodka will find a great deal to appreciate in Triple Eight. It has crystalline clarity, a creamy lightweight body and a faint yet discernible bouquet of grain, caramel and roasted almonds. The 80-proof vodka warms the palate with waves of dry spicy flavor that develop into a long peppery, flinty finish. It's hard to imagine this personality-laden vodka originating anywhere but an island oasis.

The distillery also has an all-star roster of skillfully crafted flavors. Released in 2003, Triple Eight Orange Vodka is an all-natural spirit infused with honey bell oranges. The award-winning, 80-proof vodka contains no extracts, preservatives or artificial coloring. It has pale orange hue and a wafting citrusy nose. The palate is zesty and sophisticated with slightly bitter notes on the finish, a pleasant change from the overtly sweet orange vodkas on the market.

Triple Eight Cranberry Vodka is another refreshing break from the status quo. It's an all-natural vodka infused made with nothing but Nantucket cranberries. The vodka, 64-proof, has a rosy hue, a light silky body and a focused cranberry nose. The palate is a layered affair with tart berry and tangy flavors that gradually fade into a warm spicy finish.

The altogether delectable Triple Eight Blueberry Vodka is infused with fresh fruit and graced with the color of handpicked blueberries. It has a satiny textured body and a true-to-fruit aroma. The brilliant blueberry palate persists throughout the lingering finish. It's a lively, 64-proof vodka with limitless drink-making applications.

In 2003 the Triple Eight Distillery launched Hurricane Rum, a small batch spirit distilled from molasses and aged from 4 to 7 years in used bourbon barrels. The golden hued, 88.8-proof rum has a medium-weight body, a generous vanilla and cane bouquet and a warm, semi-sweet finish.

The distillery's remarkable portfolio also includes the classically structured Gale Force Gin and a single malt they've dubbed Notch Whisky.

It's amazing what craftsmen can do while lounging about in paradise with a pot still and deep aquifer water. Cheers!