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Triple Crown North America Blended Whiskey

Triple Crown North
America Blended


By Robert Plotkin

Blending whiskeys together to obtain something that’s more than the sum of its parts is a rarefied skill. Only a handful of individuals can lay claim to the title of master blender. When done with skill and precision, the various elements meld together into something genuinely sensational — a spirit made better for every whiskey in its blend. Few better illustrate the art and science of blending than Triple Crown North America Blended Whiskey.

Irrespective of its modest price point, Triple Crown is a sensational whiskey brimming with nuance and great flavor. Twenty-percent of the blend is bourbon, a whiskey distilled from 60% bourbon-grade corn, 36% premium Canadian Rye and 4% barley malt. The all-important water source is the Great Miami Aquifer, which was created eons ago by a glacier that extended down from Canada to what is now the Ohio River. The limestone- and sand-filtered spring water is iron-free and considered optimum in producing world-class whiskey.

In addition to the pristine water and the high-grade mash bill, the blend’s bourbon component derives part of its flavor from being slowly fermented in wooden fermentation vats, a process precipitated by a strain of yeast cultivated specifically for making whiskey for nearly 70 years. Following distillation, the whiskey is aged in first-fill, charred American white oak barrels, which are stored in the distillery’s brick warehouses.

Be prepared for an extraordinary whiskey experience. Triple Crown, 80 proof, has an amber/reddish hue, a velvety textured body and a generous bouquet of dark berries, mocha and caramel with light spicy notes. Its enticing aromatics set the stage for what’s coming. The gentle entry raises little heat as it bathes the palate with the flavors of black cherries, toffee, anise and cinnamon. The long finish exhibits the additional flavors of nutmeg and toasted oak. This is a classy whiskey from start to lingering finish.

Triple Crown should be sipped and savored neat before proceeding mixing it in cocktails. It is a thoroughly engaging whiskey with charm and elegance. That said it’s marvelous featured in a Manhattan, Old Fashioned or Whiskey Sour.

Kudos and chalk one up for North America. Cheers!