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Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka

Van Gogh Dutch
Caramel Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

When it comes to product development, simplicity is usually a straight road to long-term success. For example, if you took one of the world's most abundant commodities—sugar—and subject it to one of the four basic elements—fire—the result would be pure, unadulterated pleasure. Caramel. Such was the apparent thinking behind the altogether sublime Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka.

Having been introduced in 2009, Dutch Caramel is the most recent addition to Van Gogh's all-world portfolio of ultra-premium vodkas. It's handcrafted at the Royal Dirkzwager Distillery in Schiedam, Holland on a base of pot distilled neutral grain spirits. The small batch vodka derives its authentic color and flavor through a proprietary double-infusion process. Burnt sugar is added and the spirit is rested in underground tanks for a minimum of 8 weeks to allow the caramel to become thoroughly integrated. It is a slow, labor-intensive technique, but one that assures optimal results. The all-natural spirit is bottled at 70-proof.

The Dutch have a rich heritage of making superior caramel. The release of Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka will only further the nation's longstanding reputation. It has a luminous copper appearance, a velvety textured body and the captivating aroma of caramel with dark chocolate notes. Even sampled at room temperature the medium-weight vodka is a consummate joy. Its palate delivers a sumptuous helping of long-lasting caramel flavor with delightful hints of vanilla, cocoa and bittersweet coffee. Van Gogh's master distiller Tim Vos has done his nation proud.

Like the 18 vodkas that have preceded it, Van Gogh Dutch Caramel is perfectly in step with contemporary mixology. Although loaded with caramel-induced character, it's surgically balanced with only trace amounts of sweetness on the finish, a highly desirable trait when making cocktails. Kudos!