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Van Gogh Raspberry Vodka

Van Gogh Raspberry Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

For more than two centuries, Europeans have used raspberries to flavor liqueurs called Framboise. While many are quite delicious, their relatively heavyweight bodies and sweet palates make them challenging to use in crafting contemporary cocktails.

When making drinks here in the U.S, the preferred alternative is to reach for a bottle of raspberry flavored vodka. The brands in the category's upper tier have wafting bouquets, brilliant, fresh fruit flavors and long, balanced finishes. Their lightweight bodies make them tailor-made for today's dry, easy-to-drink cocktails. There exists no better example of how luxurious these gustatory gems can be than critically acclaimed Van Gogh Raspberry Vodka.

The all-natural spirit is produced by the Royal Dirkzwager Distilleries at the Cooymans Distillery in Tilburg, The Netherlands. It is crystal clear with a silky textured body and a generous set of aromas, an irresistible array consisting of red raspberries, dark chocolate and citrus zest. The longer the 70-proof vodka is allowed to breathe, the more aromatics come to the foreground. Its entry immediately fills the mouth with the flavor of freshly picked berries and notes of cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla. The vodka recreates the sensory experience perfectly, right down to the green notes of the sun-warmed vines—and does so with elegance and finesse.

Launched in 2001, ultra-premium Van Gogh Raspberry Vodka is the handiwork of Master Distiller Tim Vos. It is made in small batches from premium neutral spirits and raspberries imported from Germany. Its true-to-fruit character is derived through a proprietary double-infusion process that requires the vodka spend at least 8 weeks in underground tanks to allow the flavors to thoroughly integrate.

Kudos to Van Gogh on yet another flavor masterpiece. It'll only take a sip to make you a lifelong fan.