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Van Gogh Blue Vodka

Van Gogh Triple
Wheat BLUE Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

It's rather ironic that a distillery world renown for its portfolio of flavored vodkas should now release a spirit that defines the nature and beauty of neutrality. Nevertheless, that's precisely what the Royal Dirkzwager Distillery in Schiedam, Holland has achieved with handcrafted Van Gogh Triple Wheat BLUE Vodka.

The ultra-premium vodka is triple-distilled from a blend of three different varieties of European wheat, each selected for their singular characteristics. Wheat sourced from the center of France is famous for its discernible sweetness, while the wheat from southern Germany has a pronounced mineral taste. The wheat cultivated near the Dutch coast is imbued with salty, sea-influenced notes. The grain is fermented in purified water and distilled in small batches and bottled at 80-proof.

Van Gogh BLUE Vodka is indeed a classy, elegant spirit. It's shimmery and crystal clear with a lightweight, lushly textured body and a subtle herbal and grainy bouquet. The vodka's soft, cool entry gradually builds intensity as it fills the mouth with semisweet, cereal-like flavors. The lingering finish is dry, warm and delectable in every respect.

The distillery has already had considerable success in the neutral realm with Van Gogh® Vodka. It's made with a blend of wheat, corn and barley and twice-distilled in a continuous still before being finished in a traditional copper pot still. The vodka, 80-proof, has a lightweight, oily textured body and a prominent herbal and sweet grain bouquet. The palate is slightly spicy with intriguing mineral notes on the long silky finish.

Introduced in 1999, award-winning Van Gogh Gin is crafted from an aromatic blend of 10 botanicals, each of which is steeped in neutral grain spirits and individually distilled in earthenware pots to create an essential oil. These infusions are then blended, double-distilled in column stills and finished in an alembic still designed specifically for producing gin. The heart of the distillate is reduced to 80-proof and rested for 6 weeks in underground tanks to allow the flavor to fully integrate.

Van Gogh Gin has a medium-weight, oily textured body and a lively bouquet of citrus, berries and spice with intriguing hints of juniper. The gin glides past the palate filling the mouth with layers of citrus and herbal flavors that persist long into the lingering finish.

The 130-year-old distillery has distinguished itself as a master of the craft and merits its close association with the Van Gogh name.