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VeeV Acai Spirit

VeeV Açaí Spirit


By Robert Plotkin

Becoming a successful 21st century spirit brand requires more than just tasting good and having a pretty package. No, making the grade with today's consumers entails producing a high quality, niche-filling product, all the while causing no harm to the planet in the process. It may sound easy to do, but no more than a small handful of spirit brands on the market can lay claim to having accomplished it.

Welcome VeeV Açaí Spirit, a skillfully crafted, vodka-esque spirit made from an exotic blend of antioxidant-rich açaí berries, along with prickly pear fruit and acerola cherries, which are loaded with vitamin C. Above and beyond its seductive character and unlimited creative potential is the fact VeeV is a carbon neutral spirit, which means that it has a net zero carbon footprint as measured by the amount of carbon released during energy production and the industrial process of producing and transporting the spirit.

A quick sniff, sip and swallow will confirm VeeV is deserving of a permanent place on your backbar. It is crystal clear with a curvaceous, velvety textured body and a generous cocoa and tropical fruit bouquet. The entry is soft and mild as it quickly fills the mouth with the enticing flavors of dark chocolate, berries, black cherries and light spice. Its finish is long and satisfying. Overall VeeV is best described as luscious. Guaranteed there's nothing remotely like it behind your bar.

VeeV Açaí Spirit was founded in 2007 by brothers Courtney and Carter Reum. Their objective was to create a better alternative to drinking vodka by crafting VeeV with an emphasis on using fresh, healthy ingredients and imbuing it with an irresistible taste. It's fitting then the name VeeV is a playful take on the French word for "live."

"The Reum brothers also backed their efforts by building a sustainable company whose mission it was to financially support environmental causes," says Jorge Llauro, VeeV director of marketing. "We genuinely believe in giving back. Our company is an active member of the group 1% for the Planet, a global movement of companies that donate at least 1% of annual net revenues to Rainforest preservation and environmental organizations worldwide."

Fast-growing VeeV is more than a vodka, it's a better way to drink. Honestly, adopting a healthier lifestyle has never tasted so good.