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Vya Sweet Vermouth

Vya Sweet Vermouth


By Robert Plotkin

The secret to the Manhattan's enduring popularity can be attributed to the inclusion of sweet vermouth, a fortified wine that adds body, depth of flavor and complexity to the cocktail. Although vermouth is a relatively inexpensive product, don't fall into the trap of thinking that any brand will do. The difference between a great vermouth and one that's merely adequate is enormous. Widely acclaimed as the best of the best is Vya Sweet Vermouth Aperitif.

Made at the Quady Winery in Madera, California, the highly sought-after brand is a blend of Orange Muscat, French Colombard and Valdepenas varietal wines infused with herbs, spices, flowers and citrus. An added dose of Quady Port imbues the finished wine with a beautiful tawny hue. The vermouth has a lush, medium-weight body and a tantalizing semisweet bouquet. The palate is an incomparable array of spicy and tangy citrus flavors. It is fortified to 16% abv.

Vya Extra Dry Vermouth Aperitif is crisp, light and equally sensational. It is made from a blend of French Colombard and Orange Muscat white wines infused with highly aromatic herbs, flowers and plants and fortified to 18% abv. The vermouth has a complex floral and fruity bouquet and a dry, mouth-filling palate laced with spice and citrus.

The two Vya Vermouths are as good as they get. Their brilliant characters will infuse your Martinis and Manhattans with new life and make them the tingling combinations of wine and spirit they were originally intended to be.