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Wild Shot Silver 100% Agave Mezcal

Wild Shot Silver
100% Agave Mezcal


By Robert Plotkin

That Wild Shot Silver 100% Agave Mezcal has earned medals at all of the major international spirit competitions shouldn't obscure the fact that it was created with good times in mind. The brand is the brainchild of country recording artist Toby Keith, a man renown for treating his fans, friends and guests to memorable evenings. In the Texas tradition, nights to remember include drinking mezcal and eating the worm. As far as Toby Keith is concerned, the mezcal of choice is Wild Shot Silver. For that matter, the world's leading spirits experts would agree.

This vivacious 100% agave spirit is crafted at Distelleria La Perla (NOM 070) in San Luis Potosi, Oaxaca, Mexico. The mezcal is distilled from mature, green Salmiana agaves that grow in the wild in the region's rugged mountainous terrain. The agaves are harvested by hand, shredded and baked in brick ovens for 2 days. Afterwards, the agaves are crushed using a traditional tahona wheel pulled by a pair of mules. The extracted juice is collected and transferred to a wooden tank where it is allowed to slowly ferment. It is then double-distilled in copper pot stills and bottled at 43.4% alcohol by volume (86.8 proof).

Wild Shot is a sublime treat in every respect. The spirit is crystal clear with a lightweight, velvety textured body and the wafting aromas of citrus, leather, spice, pineapple and mesquite smoke. The bouquet is absolutely irresistible and provides advanced notice of coming attractions. On the palate, the mezcal is brimming with the appealing flavors of black pepper, roasted green peppers, lime zest, cucumbers, savory herbs and toasted oak. The finish is long and spicy warm with enticing smoky notes.

As is tradition, Wild Shot Silver Mezcal contains a mezcal worm—gusano rojo—in the bottle. According to Keith, the worm is there to be tasted and experienced, as part of the Mexican culture. "We don't include the worm for looks, it's there to be eaten," explains Keith. "It is believed that the worm will bring wondrous experiences and every individual's will be somewhat different."

Wild Shot Silver Mezcal is a first class experience from first sip to its lingering smoky finish. Salud!