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Wild Turkey American Honey

Wild Turkey American
Honey Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

Distillers first started adding honey to whiskey hundreds of years ago in an effort to create a more delectable elixir, something perhaps their wives would find more enjoyable to sip than straight liquor. Honey and whiskey is a perfectly natural combination. Honey adds dimension to the spirit, as well as a most welcome touch of sun-kissed sweetness. When done really well, it's a thing of beauty. A sterling example is Wild Turkey American Honey Liqueur.

Made in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, the golden-hued liqueur is the easy-to-drink blend of famed Wild Turkey bourbon and honey. It has a lightweight, velvety textured body, and a wafting bouquet laced with the comforting aromas of citrus, vanilla, spice and caramel. The 71-proof liqueur has all of the bakery-like flavors of the bourbon without any of the lip-tingling, tongue prickling heat. Its lower alcohol content ensures that the flavors remain on the palate for an extended amount of time, which makes for a delectably long and soothing finish. Like most top-notch liqueurs, it is delicious and ideally balanced.

Wild Turkey American Honey is marvelous sipped neat or with a single cube of ice. It also enjoys numerous applications behind the bar, none of which is more harmonious than pouring some on top of Wild Turkey Bourbon on the rocks. What could be a more blissful pairing? In addition, the liqueur blends effortlessly with ice cream, coffee, cider, cappuccino, cocoa and hot tea. Versatility must be its middle name.

While American Honey is similar in design and structure to venerable Drambuie and Irish Mist, it is decidedly more contemporary in appeal. Factor in that the liqueur is crafted with all-world Wild Turkey Bourbon and you have the makings of a true American classic.

Bottoms up!