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Wiser's Canadian Whisky

Wiser’s De Luxe
Imported Canadian Whisky


By Robert Plotkin

Americans developed a liking for Canadian whisky during the dry days of Prohibition. The vast open border between our two countries posed little deterrent for bootleggers smuggling Canada's finest. Long a benchmark of quality north of the border, Wiser's is the fastest growing brand of Canadian whiskies, due in large part to the growing popularity of Wiser's De Luxe Imported Canadian Whisky.

Founded in 1857, the famed whisky brand is now crafted at the Corby Distillery in Windsor, Ontario from a blend of cereal grains and pristine, limestone-rich water. The De Luxe is matured in American oak barrels that are re-charred after every two uses. During its stay in wood, the whisky develops a rich amber hue, a medium-weight, velvety textured body and the enticing aromas of dark chocolate, raisins, spice and toasted oak. It's a surprisingly robust and exuberant whisky that finishes sensuously smooth and spicy warm. The De Luxe is an unforgettable pleasure.

The esteemed distillery's range also includes 86-proof Wiser's® Special Blend, a flavor-laden, super-premium spirit comprised entirely of continuous-distilled whiskies skillfully selected for their distinctively engaging aromas and light, satiny bodies. Further fueling the blend's celebrity status is its high percentage of premium rye whiskies.

The distillery's most exquisite whisky to date is Wiser's Very Old; a blended masterpiece aged in American oak barrels for at least 18-years. The result is glorious—a generously aromatic whisky with a spicy, toffee-laced palate and a thoroughly satisfying finish. Wiser's Very Old is simply too marvelous to share with others.