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X-Rated Fusion Liqueur

Fusion Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

If literature has taught us anything about the world in which we live, it's that the French are masters at the art of seduction. It should therefore come as no surprise that a product born and bred in France and named X-RATED Fusion Liqueur should be as sensual as their lingerie and enticing as perfume. There's no question why it's a classic in the making.

Launched in the U.S. in 2004, X-RATED Fusion Liqueur is handmade in Angouleme, Charente Valley, France. Its classy first ingredient is ultra-premium X-RATED Vodka, a small batch spirit seven-times distilled in traditional copper alambic stills from French wheat, Baires roses (roseberry grain) and pristine, limestone-filtered spring water. The liqueur's proprietary recipe calls for the addition of 100% organic fruit, a delectable blend that combines Brazilian mangoes and passion fruit and blood oranges from Sicily. The liqueur is then filtered for purity and bottled at an agreeable 34-proof.

X-RATED Fusion immediately grabs your attention with its opaque, electric pink hue; an intriguing appearance that plays well in cocktails. The liqueur has a smooth lightweight body and a tantalizing, citrus-laced bouquet with light floral notes. The main attraction kicks off when the flavor kicks in. Its palate is a layered offering of luscious, tropical fruit flavors that are long lasting and expertly balanced.

When it comes to mixology, flavor rules supreme, which makes X-RATED Fusion a product with an unlimited future. In fact, it makes a lively cocktail in itself; just chill it down and let the rave reviews pour forth.