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Bar Station


Welcome to our virtual floating bar station, filled with the same widely varying products, small wares and equipment you might find at any well stocked bar. We have categorized the station by type for easy viewing and comparison. Use the buttons to go directly to a category or scroll throughout the entire bar station and savor the experience. The only thing better would be able to try them while here! Trust us, we're working on it.

Click on any bottle or image for a closer look to get details and notes pertaining to it, as well as a link to their website.

Drops, Dashes and Rims

Angostura BittersFee Brother's Mint BittersPartida Agave NectarCocktail Spice: Margarita Salt

Syrups and Flavorings

Finest Call GrenadineMonin Habenero LimeMonin Spicy ChocolateRose's Lime JuiceSachets


Demitri's Bloody Mary SeasoningDemitri's Traditional Margarita MixDirty SueDr. SwamiFinest Call Citrus Sour
Finest Call Lemon SourFinest Call Lime Sour MixFinest Call Margarita Lite MixJones SodaMartinelli's


Bar Tools and Smallwares

Ice ballsPercision Pours Pour SpoutUber Tools ProBoston Roll