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Fee Brothers Mint Bitters

Fee Brothers Mint Bitters


By Robert Plotkin

After 140 year, the good folks at Fee Brothers in Rochester, New York have learned just about everything there is to know regarding the art and science of making bitters. That’s good news for mixologists around the globe. With cocktails in the midst of a prolonged renaissance, aromatic bitters have again become a prominent and most necessary commodity behind the bar. Having a good selection of bitters on-hand when crafting cocktails is like a chef having access to a broad array of spices.

An excellent example of the company’s exceptional product line is Fee Brothers Mint Bitters. The only one of its type produced in the Unite States, the 70-proof bitters is based on an item popular in the Golden Age of cocktails. It has a brilliant green hue and a generous peppermint aroma. It adds a touch of intrigue to Juleps, Smashes and Mojitos.

Bar chefs and master mixologists will find a veritable treasure trove of flavors within Fee’s line of bitters. The classic Orange, Rhubarb, Cherry, Peach, Grapefruit and Lemon Bitters are among their bestselling bitters. Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters is a singular brand of aromatic bitters matured in used Tennessee whiskey casks. The result is genuinely remarkable and is ideal for use in Manhattans, among other cocktails. It’s a special release item made in limited quantity.

Fashioned after a product popular long ago, Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters is flavored with the bitter orange peels cultivated in the Caribbean West Indies. Its vibrancy makes it an ideal candidate for use in scores of classic cocktails.