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Finest Call Citrus Sour Mix

Finest Call Citrus Sour Mix


By Robert Plotkin

Like canvas to a painter, sour mix provides the creative foundation for most cocktails. If the mix you're relying on is less than wonderful, what chance do your drinks have of wowing your guests? Don't short-circuit your bar's efforts. Starting with a sensational sour mix will greatly increase your odds for success.

How do you gauge if your sour mix falls into the world-class category? Start by tasting some over ice. It should be delicious and completely devoid of any bitter or artificial aftertaste. Your sour mix should have a light, fresh quality and be well balanced, meaning not too sweet or tart.

So what exactly what would this sensational sour mix be made from? Well, lemon juice would be a leading contender. There are more drinks in the lexicon of American mixology made with a base of lemon juice. Sweeteners are added to balance the tartness and exuberance of the citrus, resulting in a delectably flavorful drink. It's not uncommon for lemon-forward sour mixes to also contain an added splash of orange juice for added depth of character and a broader flavor profile.

Then there are lime-forward sour mixes. They're most frequently featured in drinks like the Daiquiri and Margarita. They too often include orange juice for enhanced appeal.

It's little wonder then that a company like Finest Call would survey the mixology landscape and create a 21st Century drink mix that encompasses the best of all things. Welcome Finest Call Citrus Sour Mix, an innovative blend of all-natural lemon, lime and orange juice. More specifically, the sour mix features equal amounts of lemon and lime juice with a small portion of orange juice. Combined, the mix contains an industry leading 18% juice. Pure cane sugar and agave nectar are used to balance the natural exuberance of the citrus. Even the water used in the mix is impeccably pure.

The result is a zesty, refreshing and thoroughly delicious drink mix. Just add the liquor, shake with ice and serve. It's designed to achieve the best possible results without any attendant hassle or worry. To that end, Finest Call's new Citrus Sour Mix is shelf stable so it doesn't require refrigeration. Unopened the mix stays fresh and vibrant for upwards of a year. After the bottle is open the mix is good for between 3 to 6 months. Compare this to the useful life of scratch lime sour mix, which is no more than several days.

Like all of Finest Call's products, the Citrus Sour Mix is available in two versions—Ready to Use and a concentrate, which is bottled in a viscous, concentrated form and requires only the addition of water to be ready for use. Diluting it with equal parts, for example, yields a zesty mix with a lightweight body, brilliant citrusy notes and the sublime taste of one prepared from scratch. All that's missing is the waste, hassle and lofty expense.

Perhaps its best feature is its enormous creative range behind the bar. The sour mix is tailor-made for cocktails both classic and contemporary. Specialty Margaritas, Daiquiris, Sours, Collins, Lemon Drops—and many others—are made that much better using Finest Call Citrus Sour Mix. Great taste and low cost are a nearly unbeatable combination.