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Finest Call Grenadine

Finest Call
Premium Grenadine


By Robert Plotkin

There’s an old piece of bartending advice that says when at a loss what else to add to a drink, splash in some grenadine and consider it done. While not entirely accurate, the recommendation does have merit and certainly speaks to the deference with which mixologists regard grenadine. Of particular merit is Finest Call Premium Grenadine, a syrup with style and finesse and unlimited drink making applications.

Grenadine comes from the French word “grenade,” meaning pomegranate. Not surprisingly traditional grenadine syrups are comprised solely of a sweetener and pomegranate juice. Simple, yet profoundly delicious, which is why it’s an ingredient in so many classic drinks ranging from the Bacardi Cocktail and Singapore Sling to the Tequila Sunrise and Sex on the Beach. When floated on top of a tall iced beverage, grenadine will ribbon its way down through the drink creating a dramatic, sunset-like effect.

Finest Call Premium Grenadine Syrup is produced with pomegranates imported from Turkey, which is considered the preeminent growing region for the fruit. Fresh cherry juice is added to the grenadine to produce a fuller, more distinctive flavor profile. The company also has a version made with refined sugar for those who prefer a more traditional sweetener.

What a marvelous way to bolster the color and taste of a cocktail. Finest Call Grenadine has a captivating ruby red color, a round voluptuous body and a mouthfeel that only real fruit can deliver. Loaded with the succulent flavor and aroma of pomegranates, it’s a grenadine perfectly suited for the demands of contemporary mixology.