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Finest Call Lemon Sour Mix

Finest Call Lemon Sour Mix


By Robert Plotkin

Lemon sour is the stuff of which legends are made. There are more cocktails built on a foundation of lemon juice than all other types of drink mixes combined. If for no other reason, that makes lemon sour mix the most important ingredient stocked behind the bar.

The savvy move is to determine for yourself whether the lemon sour mix at your bar is up for the job. The only sure-fire method is to sample it—first by itself and then over ice. Make note of its color and opacity. Sour mix should retain the appearance of real lemon juice especially when it's used in a cocktail. Next take stock of its bouquet. Does it have a vibrant lemon fragrance? Or is it faint and lackluster? Considering its frequency of use and that the olfactory is the most powerful sense, how it smells is a legitimate concern.

Naturally the last qualifier is taste. Swirl the sour mix around your mouth all the while assessing flavor and mouth feel. The finish is where sour mixes often falter and turn astringent, overly tart or cloying. A bona fide keeper should taste good alone in a glass.

A skillfully crafted sour mix is a thing of beauty, which best describes Finest Call Lemon Sour Mix. Its naturally tart character provides the ideal foundation upon which to build a sensational cocktail. The classically structured mix is made from premium lemon juice. The total juice content is an industry high 18%. To give their sour mix more versatility and artisanal appeal, Finest Call uses 100% cane sugar and agave nectar and fresh lemon and orange juice. Even the water used in the mix is impeccably pure.

Finest Call Lemon Sour Mix has a lightweight body, excellent opacity and a true-to-fruit appearance. In the all-important category of taste, the vivacious lemon-forward mix is tangy and delicious. Equally important from an operational perspective, it's pasteurized, shelf-stable and costs pennies per ounce.

Among the many things this sour six has going for it is its relative degree of tartness. Many producers add sweetener until it completely neutralizes the tart ascorbic acid in the juice. That's fine if you'll be serving the mix straight, but as a foundation for contemporary cocktails, it's way off the mark. You need a bit of the lemon's natural tartness to shine through to work with the drink's spirited ingredients.

Finest Call Lemon Sour Mix is available in two versions—Ready to Use and a concentrate, which is bottled in a viscous, concentrated form and requires only the addition of water to be ready for use. Diluting it with equal parts, for example, yields a zesty mix with a lightweight body, brilliant lemony notes and the sublime taste of one prepared from scratch. All that's missing is the waste, hassle and lofty expense. It's as if Finest Call Lemon Sour Mix has done nature one better.

One operational benefit not to overlook is that each version is shelf stable so it doesn't need to be refrigerated. Unopened the mix stays fresh and vibrant for upwards of a year. After the bottle is open the mix is good for between 3 to 6 months. Compare this to the useful life of scratch lemon sour mix, which is about a day or two.

Finding a really great sour mix is cause for celebration, which is exactly the kind of response Finest Call Lemon Sour Mix deserves. Kudos!