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Finest Call Lime Sour Mix

Finest Call Lime Sour Mix


By Robert Plotkin

While well-suited for use at intimate social gatherings, scratch lime sour mixes are something of an operational nightmare for busy bars and cocktail lounges. Its delicate nature and short shelf life have made it the temperamental prima Donna of the drink world. Finest Call Lime Sour Mix has ironed out the idiosyncrasies and given it the backbone it needs to withstand the rigors of commercial use. The extent to which they achieved this is genuinely Nobel worthy.

Mixologists are adaptive creatures. In years past when faced with the need to prepare lime-based cocktails, bartenders would make the drinks with sweet 'n' sour and then squeeze in a few lime wedges. While reverse engineering Margaritas and Daiquiris is a long accepted practice, it's rather like making Sidecars, Lemon Drops and Whiskey Sours with limeade and then adding lemon juice to radically alter their flavor.

Reverse engineering cocktails on the fly has another shortcoming. The availability and quality of fresh limes varies significantly from week to week. One day your bartenders might have fat and juicy limes to use in their cocktails and small, noticeably bitter limes the next. At that point, drink consistency becomes a hit-or-miss proposition.

Maintaining utmost quality is not an issue with Finest Call Lime Sour Mix. It's made with fine single pressed Persian limes grown in the Mexican State of Colima. Located on the Pacific coast just south of Jalisco, the region's temperate climate and rich volcanic soil are ideal conditions for cultivating citrus. In addition to the fresh lime juice, a small amount of lemon and orange juice is added for depth of character. The total juice content is an industry high 18%. To give their sour mix more versatility and artisanal appeal, Finest Call uses 100% cane sugar, agave nectar and fresh lemon and orange juice. Even the water used in the mix is impeccably pure.

The soon-to-be-indispensable drink mix is available in two versions—Ready to Use and a concentrate, which is bottled in a viscous, concentrated form and requires only the addition of water to be ready for use. Diluting it with equal parts, for example, yields a zesty mix with a lightweight body, brilliant citrusy notes and the sublime taste of one prepared from scratch. All that's missing is the waste, hassle and lofty expense. It's as if Finest Call Lime Sour Mix has done nature one better.

One operational benefit not to overlook is that each version is shelf stable so it doesn't need to be refrigerated. Unopened the mix stays fresh and vibrant for upwards of a year. After the bottle is open the mix is good for between 3 to 6 months. Compare this to the useful life of scratch lime sour mix, which is about a day or two.

Behind the bar the focus is on making high quality, great tasting cocktails. However, the demands of business are such that those cocktails must also deliver decent margins. In reality there are two kinds of cocktails —those that are delicious and those that are delicious and profitable. Opt to market the latter. Finest Call Lime Sour Mix goes a long way to ensuring optimum quality at a fraction of the cost of scratch.