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Finest Call Premium Margarita Lite Mix

Finest Call Premium
Margarita Lite Mix


By Robert Plotkin

Attitudes in bars toward reduced calorie drinks have changed, which is welcome news to the growing legions of carb-counting, weight-conscious Americans looking to sip seriously marvelous cocktails without immediately gaining inches around their waists.

That said, creating delicious low-calorie cocktails is more challenging than it may sound. Take for example the country's bestselling cocktail, the Margarita. A 12-ounce Margarita contains between 7 and 27 grams of carbohydrates and 250 and 740 calories depending on the various ingredients used. That's fattening enough to cause many people to pass on ordering the drink altogether.

In this case, the prime waist-expanding culprit isn't the tequila. For one thing it's the featured performer and the driving force behind the cocktail's popularity. In addition, a jigger of tequila is only 97 calories and contains no carbs. Next on the roster of ingredients is the orange modifier—be it triple sec or premium Cointreau. Although it varies slightly by brand, a measure of triple sec is only about 52 calories and 5 grams of carbs.

No, the real villain in a Margarita is the principal ingredient, namely the calorie-laden mix. A two ounce portion of most Margarita mixes contains 17 grams of sugar or more. If you're looking to create a skinnier version of the cocktail, retooling the composition of the base mix presents the most significant window of opportunity.

Recently introduced Finest Call Premium Margarita Lite Mix is the right product at the right time. It's an innovative blend of all natural lemon, lime and orange juice. Combined the mix contains an industry leading 20% juice. In addition to its great taste, a key feature of the mix is that it contains only 15 calories and only 4 grams of carbs per 2-ounce portion. Instead of relying on sugar or high fructose corn syrup to balance the tartness of the citrus, Finest Call uses Sucralose. The absence of sugar won't be missed in the least.

Finest Call Premium Margarita Lite Mix is a skinny, skillfully crafted product. Its naturally tart character provides the ideal foundation upon which to build a sensational cocktail. The lightweight mix has excellent opacity and a zesty citrus bouquet. Most important, it has a refreshing and delightful true-to-fruit taste and a clean, crisp finish. Just add the liquor, shake with ice and serve.

Operational benefits not to overlook is it's pasteurized, shelf-stable and costs only pennies per ounce. The mix doesn't need to be refrigerated. Unopened the mix stays fresh and vibrant for upwards of a year. After the bottle is open the mix is good for between 3 to 6 months. Compare this to the useful life of scratch sour mix, which is about a day or two. It's designed to achieve the best possible results without any attendant hassle or worry.

Skinny Margaritas can be just as palate pleasing as their belly bulging counterparts. Today, adding the tag "low-cal, low-carb" to a menu description can lead to healthier sales and a more attractive clientele. With this mix in hand, sensational skinny cocktails are just moments away.