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Ice Balls

Ice Caters Ice Balls


By Robert Plotkin

Ice Caters' Ice Balls are the perfect marriage of form and function. As their name implies, they are crystal clear frozen spheres ranging between 3-5 inches in diameter. As it turns out, many spirits aficionados prefer drinking whiskey served over ice balls than cubed, cracked, flaked or crushed. Their singular shape causes them to melt very slowly, thus reducing the amount of dilution. Equally important, ice balls make a tremendous first impression with guests and elevate any cocktail into a bona fide work of art.

Shine a bright light in the eyes of an accomplished mixologist and he or she will eventually admit that ice is the most important ingredient in a cocktail. It impacts every aspect of mixed drinks and does so with little cost and no marketing or packaging. Its contribution goes beyond lowering the temperature of a cocktail to its proper serving temperature of around 37-38˚F. Ice also introduces water into a drink, which helps to balance the blend and allows the various ingredients to meld and harmonize. The water also softens the biting edge of spirits, as well as accentuates their flavor.

The relative hardness of ice is also an often over-looked attribute. A hard cube, lump cube or block of ice will dilute a drink at a much slower rate than your run-of-the-mill ice machine ice cube. If ice isn’t hard enough it will melt too quickly and over-dilute the cocktail. A “wet” ice cube is one that has been tarnished with excess water on its surface, thus allowing it to melt at a much quicker rate than desired.

Ice Caters is an on-line company that specializes in providing bars and cocktails lounges gourmet ice balls and kits to make them on-premise. Ice Balls are sold by the case and easy to use molds are also available.