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Jones Root Beer

Jones Root Beer


By Robert Plotkin

The Jones Soda Company has turned a lot of heads since its inception in 1996. They burst onto the contemporary beverage scene with an innovative line of sodas all made with wholesome ingredients and sweetened with pure cane sugar. Americans were immediately attracted to their unique packaging, which feature labels with photos submitted by regular folk, and ultra-hip, cutting edge brands like Blue Bubblegum, Green Apple and Berry Lemonade.

Although a traditional offering, Jones Root Beer is an excellent example of how refreshing and delicious their sodas are. The luminous brown colored soda is ideally balanced and has a semisweet long-lasting flavor and an authentic sarsaparilla bite on the finish. It’s a marvelous departure from the staid and more conventional interpretation of this venerable American treat.

Likely the best use for a scoop of vanilla ice cream is dropping it into a tall frosted mug of Jones Root Beer. The swirling mix of flavors and textures of cold creamy ice cream and the frothy root beer make this classic float the finest thing that can be sucked through a straw.

All of the Jones Sodas are refreshing and completely in-step with today’s tastes. For instance, the turquoise colored Berry Lemonade has a subtle blueberry aroma and a blue raspberry flavor with a lingering lemony finish. Jones Green Apple is fluorescent green and has the delicious, sweet/tart taste of freshly cut green apples.

For a small company, Jones has an extensive offering of sodas. In addition to such classics as cherry and cream soda, the line also includes strawberry lime, fufu berry and orange cream.

Jones has also created three fabulous zero-calorie sodas called Zilch for those who are health-conscious yet still want a great tasting drink. Featured in the line are Jones Zilch Pomegranate, Jones Zilch Black Cherry and Jones Zilch Vanilla sodas.

Don’t expect to see your favorite Jones Soda with the same look for more than a short while. They change the photos on their labels as often as most of us change our socks.