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Monin Habanero Lime

Monin Habanero Lime


By Robert Plotkin

Monin Habanero Lime is a high performance ingredient worthy of the Autobahn. It’s a sensational flavoring with a pale yellow/green hue, light fresh aroma and a healthy dose of peppered warmth on the finish. The Habanero Lime has a shimmering opacity that lends it the look of a handmade, habanero and lime juice infusion.

While its citrusy flavor and lingering heat are absolutely superb in a score of cocktails ranging from Mojitos to Pisco Sours, the Margarita is the definitive host. Less than a shot of the Monin Habanero Lime can twist a perfectly glorious cocktail into something genuinely memorable. While its lime component contributes appreciably to the Margarita’s balance, the habanero infuses the drink with peppery spice and a delectably warming finish.

The alcohol-free Margarita de Nada derives much of its vibrancy from Monin Habanero Lime. Built on a foundation of fresh sour mix and ruby red grapefruit juice, the cocktail is at once refreshing and altogether delicious. Adding a jigger of premium blanco tequila converts the drink into the Margarita Playa Caliente. ¡Muy bien!

Another member of the savory heat portfolio is Monin Chipotle Pineapple Flavoring, an exuberant, brilliantly balanced flavoring tailor-made for contemporary cocktails. The zero-proof No No Mojito is a sublime way to illustrate the point. It’s a muddled concoction prepared with pineapple cubes, Demerara sugar, fresh mint leaves and a shot of the Chipotle Pineapple. The concoction is shaken vigorously and finished with a splash of Perrier, a lime wedge and pineapple spear. Convert the specialty into the Mojito Martinique by adding an elegant, well-aged rhum.

No one does savory heat better than Monin.