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Monin Spicy Chocolate

Monin Spicy Chocolate


By Robert Plotkin

We’re a nation that takes our cocktails seriously. While we place a premium on originality and style, what really sparks our collective imagination are drinks sporting brilliant flavors. Bar chefs and mixologists are increasingly relying on syrups to add flavor, aroma, body and a touch of sweetness of their cocktails. That said, there are some flavors that can’t easily be replicated in-house, one of which is the altogether sensational Monin Spicy Chocolate.

The movie Chocolat introduced many Americans to the sensual pleasure of lacing chocolate with savory heat. Monin Spicy Chocolate delivers that experience perfectly. Inspired by the original chocolate of the Mayan culture, the syrup is a sublime blend of cinnamon and pepper spices, pure cane sugar and a rich dark chocolate base. It has an alluring bouquet and the look of pure chocolate. The delicate interplay between the velvety sweet and simmering spice is enticing and delicious.

It’s amazing to consider what can be achieved with a bottle of the Spicy Chocolate Syrup in hand. Consider the stuff unrestrained liquid passion. For an irresistible treat, make a milkshake with Kahlúa, brandy, ice cream and a shot of the Spicy Chocolate Syrup. It’s also an ideal ingredient to showcase in specialty Martinis, frozen or hot mochas, smoothies, hot cocoas or iced/frozen specialty coffee beverages.

Award-winning Monin Spicy Chocolate Syrup is only one of ten variations of chocolate in the Monin portfolio. In addition to the Spicy Chocolate, their syrup line also features Swiss Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chocolate Mint, White Chocolate and Organic Chocolate Syrup. Monin also markets Dark Chocolate Sauce (with a pump dispenser) and Sugar-Free Chocolate Syrup and Sugar-Free White Chocolate Syrup, which are sweetened with a premium blend of Splenda and all-natural Eridex.

Their devotion to chocolate speaks volumes about Monin and their appreciation for one of life’s great pleasures.