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Partids Agave Nectar

Partida Organic
Agave Nectar


By Robert Plotkin

The fastest growing brand of premium tequila in the country, ultra-chic Partida owes much of its greatness to pedigree. The tequila is made from mature agaves cultivated on the Partida 5,000-acre estate outside of Amatitán. Its red volcanic soil and the warm yet temperate microclimate make it ideal for cultivating blue agaves. The plants are patiently baked, fermented and distilled in traditional copper stills. Sensational is a fitting description for the entire Partida range.

The same can be said for pure Partida Organic Agave Nectar. The all-natural nectar is certified 100% organic and is derived from the same estate-grown agaves used to distill the tequila. The nectar is healthier to use and more in keeping with contemporary lifestyles than other sweeteners.

The agave nectar is only 60 calories per teaspoon and a tenth of the glycermic value of sugar. Its low glycemic index means that it is absorbed more slowly into the body and won’t cause blood sugar levels to spike. Because it’s sweeter than sugar by as much as two-thirds, less agave nectar is needed to obtain the same results. The result is lower calorie food and beverages. The nectar is also less viscous than honey, which makes it more versatile for use in drink-making.

Partida Agave Nectar has a rich amber hue and generous herbal and honey aromas. It’s a natural for use in Margaritas and any cocktail prepared with a splash or two of simple syrup. The finished drink will be light-years more aromatic and flavorful than if it were made with conventional sugar syrup.

Kudos Partida!