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Precision Pour 3 Ball Liquor Pour

Precision Pours
3 Ball Liquor Pourer


By Robert Plotkin

From an operational perspective, increasing beverage profitability begins at the point of pour. It's challenging for a business to remain in the black when the staff is playing fast and loose with the inventory. It negatively impacts consistency of product, drink quality and responsible service of alcohol, as well as erodes away the margins necessary to turn a profit.

While portioning control is crucial, it needn't come at the expense of speed of service or undermine the establishment's concept. A low-cost, low-tech means of ensuring accurate portioning without investing significant capital or impeding your bartenders' pouring mechanics is to outfit the bar with bottle-attached control spouts.

The industry leader is Precision Pours 3 Ball Pourers. Used in over 40,000 bars in the U.S. and abroad, these innovative devices utilize a patented ball bearing assembly to cut off the flow of fluid at the prescribed measure. Since Precision Pours function like conventional spouts, they don't slow bartenders down when making drinks or require continuous staff training to achieve optimum results. The spouts are available in 7 portion sizes ranging from 1/4 ounce to 1 3/4 ounces and up. Metric portions range from 10ml to 50mL.

Precision Pours control spouts present operators with an alternative to having their bartenders free-pouring or measuring with a jigger. In effect, they combine the best features of each pouring technique. Precision Pours allow bartenders to make drinks as quickly as if they were free-pouring while dispensing liquor with the accuracy of a shot glass. They also alleviate the problem of holdover products in the shot from tainting the flavor of other drinks.

The control spouts all but eliminate under-pouring or over-pouring liquor and are enormously effective at deterring many of the schemes bartender's use to rip off the house. As is true with any system, the control function of the devices can be subverted. Fortunately, removing the spout from the bottle prior to pouring is a tad obvious.

Since no bar or restaurant operates under the burden of too much profit, effective portioning controls are a must. Precision Pours are a field-tested means of wrenching order out of chaos.