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Über Tools
ProBoston Roll


By Robert Plotkin

You can discern a great deal about a person’s degree of professionalism by the tools they choose for their trade. It’s true for carpenters, mechanics, artists and surgeons—and it’s true for bartenders. If the tools you’re using behind the bar date back to the Truman Administration, consider ratcheting up your drink-making capabilities with the ProBostonRoll from Australian-based Über Bar Tools.

Conceived and manufactured by beverage professional Michael Silvers, Über is a line of 21st century smallwares created specifically for preparing contemporary cocktails. They’re designed to dramatically reduce the time expended preparing drinks in high volume environments and the waste often associated with the process.

The Über Bar Tools ProBostonRoll was developed by professional bartenders for use by professional bartenders. The kit contains 15 indispensable tools that collectively expand a bartender’s cocktail making abilities. In addition to a Boston tin, mixing glass and fine double strainer, the set includes the stainless steel Juliep (combination ice scoop and strainer), the ergonomically designed StrainRay (coiled strainer), the SiliStick (lightweight aluminium muddler) and the multi-purpose ProStirrer.

Also featured in the roll-up kit is the ingenious ProJig, a jigger with multiple measures, a set of ProFlow, high-performance speed pourers, the C-Press for squeezing lime and lemon wedges, a long metal tweezers, a lemon zester and several knives and openers. The smallwares ensemble comes complete with all of the tools necessary to pull a busy shift behind the stick.

Every classy joint needs classy barware. In this neck of the woods, there are no better tools to have on hand than Über Bar Tools from Down Under.