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Victoria's Forbidden Cocktail Sachets

Victoria’s Forbidden
Cocktail Sachets


By Robert Plotkin

Victoria D'amato-Moran has really outdone herself this time. Considered one of the country’s leading mixologists, the San Francisco native has developed an innovative line of drink ingredients called Victoria's Forbidden Cocktail Sachets. Each paper sachet is formulated with the precise mix of organic fruit powders, spices and aromatic botanicals needed to create one of D'amato-Moran’s ultra-sophisticated cocktails.

The all-natural, caffeine-free sachets come with easy to follow drink recipes and contain, in part, hibiscus, rose petals, chamomile and elder flowers, açai powder and granulated honey. At present the line includes four different sachets, each comprised with a singular blend of aromatics and botanicals designed to create one of D'amato-Moran’s acclaimed cocktails— the tequila-based Sachet Ole, the Vodka Kicker, the Gin & Grin and the Night Cap, which calls for either rye or bourbon whiskey.

Victoria’s Forbidden Cocktail Sachets are an effortless way to craft sensational drinks. Just pour the recipe ingredients into an iced mixing glass, drop in the appropriate sachet and shake the contents vigorously. Viola! Add the garnish and serve with a smile.

Perfect for use at home or at a busy bar, restaurant or cocktail lounge, the sachets are made fresh to order. You’ll be amazed at what they help you create.