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Tucson, Arizona, April 16, 2010 — Now that April 15th has finally come and gone, American taxpayers are looking for something to soothe their frazzled nerves. The good folks at BarMedia understand all too well and have launched a new website—AMERICANcocktails.com—right when it’s needed most.

The site currently features over 2500 creative, field-tested recipes with new drinks added weekly. Equally noteworthy all of the material on AMERICANcocktails.com is free and accessible to everyone on the Internet. There’s no registering, membership fees, pop-up ads or gimmicks.

“The site is dedicated to the proposition that life’s too short to drink bad cocktails and that committing top-shelf spirits and liqueurs to mixed drinks isn’t sacrilege—it’s an act of creative genius,” says BarMedia’s Robert Plotkin, drinks author, trade writer and spirits judge. “We’ve been developing the site for the past 3 years and I assure you that there’s nothing on the Internet remotely like AMERICANcocktails.com.”

Designed to appeal to seasoned mixologists, working bartenders and social hosts, the website features extensive information regarding the major drink categories, drink preparation, garnishing, bar terminology, glassware and reviews of the leading spirits and liqueurs. In addition, there’s a section devoted to alcohol-awareness and responsible serving guidelines.

In a manner of speaking, BarMedia started working on AMERICANcocktails.com 25 years ago when we published our first drink guide. Observes Plotkin, “Since then we’ve reviewed more than a thousand spirits and liqueurs and taste-tested countless recipes. The Internet and AMERICANcocktails.com have created an opportunity never imagined back then.”

Robert Plotkin has authored 16 books on mixology and beverage management including his most recent, Secrets Revealed of America’s Greatest Cocktails. He is the editor of the BarProfits: Building a Sustainable Bottom Line on-line newsletter and a judge at Paul Pacult’s Ultimate Spirits Competition. He can be reached at www.BarMedia.com or by e-mail at robert@barmedia.com.