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Responsible Service


Having spent the majority of our lives bartending and managing bars, we strongly advocate moderation in the consumption and service of alcohol. Whether at home or a commercial operation, serve conscientiously and responsibly and consume conscientiously and responsibly.

We also highly recommend that all managers, bartenders and servers be certified from an accredited alcohol-awareness program and be required to regularly attend a refresher course. There’s too much at stake to do otherwise.

To that end, we’d like to add the following:

  • A strong drink is not necessarily a good drink. Increasing a drink’s liquor portion increases its alcoholic potency. Over-portioning alcohol is a liability-laden practice.

  • Not all drinks are created equally. A Martini served straight up is more potent than one served on the rocks. Alcohol is soluble in water and will increase the rate at which ice melts. As a result, the melting ice will dilute the drink’s alcohol, rendering it slightly less potent.

  • Similarly, a blended drink is less potent than one served on the rocks. Blending a drink with ice makes it more diluted. In most instances, the principal ingredient in a blended drink is water (i.e. ice).

  • Neat drinks are prepared directly into the glass in which they are served. They are undiluted and high in alcohol concentration. Care should be taken with respect to their service.

  • Shooters and layered cordials are conventionally consumed in one swallow, thereby increasing the rate at which the alcohol is absorbed into a person’s bloodstream. Increased rate of consumption tends to accelerate intoxication.

  • A double contains 2 times the liquor of a standard drink and is more than twice as potent as two prepared regularly. A double will profoundly impact intoxication. Conversely, a tall drink, prepared in a tall glass with significantly more mix, is less potent than the same drink prepared in the regular manner.